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Since 2019, TREEage has focused on educating high school and college students on the magnitude of the climate crisis, legacies of environmental injustice, and our vision for an equitable future; training the next generation of climate activists to lead their schools and neighborhoods and build winning campaigns; and championing Green New Deal legislation and mobilizing young people to make it a reality.

Through building a durable pipeline to advocacy leadership for young leaders from Staten Island’s North Shore to Norwood in the Bronx, we have been able to:


  • Turn out 904 shifts for endorsed candidates in 2021 and 2022, leading 7 of 11 candidates to victory

  • Organize 150 students to rally for climate justice in Albany during the legislative session

  • Hold 19 climate-focused lobbying visits to connect members with their state legislators

  • Coordinate 3 major actions and 16 distributed rallies to build momentum for climate legislation

Our policy agenda has been developed by young people in TREEage, in partnership with community organizations and leaders. We are committed to transforming our values and organizing energy into tangible, transformative action to halt the climate crisis with an equitable Green New Deal, and we have dedicated resources to policy development and won a seat at the table in developing bold policy agendas.



We believe in creating “An Equitable Recovery for New York City: Creating 100,000 Climate Jobs For Frontline Communities Of Color.” Together with ALIGN’s Climate Works For All Coalition, TREEage representatives worked with other environmental justice organizations, labor unions, community- and faith-based organizations, and unions to develop a vision for a green, just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.



We believe in a comprehensive “Green New Deal for New York City” agenda. With Council Member Tiffany Cabán and a coalition of climate organizations, we developed a 24-page white paper centering climate reparations, creating green union jobs, and detailing proposals for Green New Deal projects in Council District 22 and citywide.


We believe that building a better future is “In Our Hands” and that youth leadership is essential to creating an equitable New York. In the leadup to the 2021 City Council elections, we were proud to work with other youth-led organizations to develop an extensive policy platform on the issues that matter deeply to students across the city — from integrating our schools, to eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline, to housing justice, to youth engagement, to ushering in the era of a Green New Deal.


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